There are several benefits to the Founder Institute's Equity Collective model.

  • Lifetime Support

    The Equity Collective attaches a financial incentive for everyone you interact with at Founder Institute to support your growth for the long term: including your Local Leaders, Mentors, and FI HQ staff. When you're successful, everyone that helps you receives financial upside.

  • Support Your Community

    To encourage local startup community growth, the majority of financial returns to the Equity Collective (60%) go back to your Local Leaders and Mentors. To date, over $8.5M in Equity Collective contributions have been distributed by FI HQ.

  • Reduced Fees

    Other accelerator programs charge up to $40,000 and take up to 10% equity to attend. Our Entrance Fees are kept reasonable because our costs are offset by Equity Collective returns. Alumni also access all post-program benefits and Founder Lab for life with no additional fees or equity requirements.

  • Founder-Friendly Terms

    The Equity Collective is enforced via a Warrant, which is a stock options-like agreement, and is activated only if you raise a threshold amount of outside capital. We don't sit on your board or have any voting powers.