If you miss payments and default on your payment plan, you will be immediately dropped from the program. 

Our payment plans follow the same policies as program fees paid in full. Payment plans are not a means of paying less or not paying the full program fee amount. They are meant to aid founders who may have trouble paying the full program fee all at once.

  • If you are being dropped before the "Revenue + Business Models" session, your payment plan will be canceled and you will receive a refund of fees paid to the original payment method

  • If you are being dropped after the "Revenue + Business Models" session, you are required to complete your payment plan payments

  • If payments are still not made, FI reserves the right to send your unpaid account to collections as stated in your Partial.ly contract and you will be unable to re-enroll in an FI program 

*Please note- we do make exceptions in certain cases but do not guarantee any waiver of program fees