This walkthrough will show you every step to sign up for your payment plan through the custom link our Finance team provides to you. If you get stuck at any time, feel free to reach out to our Finance team at or our Support team at 

Step 1: Click on the link our Finance team sent you and sign up for a account

Step 2: Enter your Customer Information details (email address, first and last name, and your phone number (optional)) then click CONTINUE TO PLAN TERMS

Step 3: This is where things get fun! Create your payment plan by selecting your initial down payment (you can choose between 20%-75% of the total plan amount)

As you adjust the Down Payment amount, you will see the plan information on the right side change with it


Once you have selected the appropriate amount that works for you, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

Step 4: Select your Payment Method and enter in your information

Step 5: Read through the Contract, click the check box if you agree to the terms, sign your name, and click PROCESS DOWN PAYMENT