Payment Plans allow our founders a more flexible way to pay our program fee. With, you are able to set up a customized plan. A minimum down payment of 20% is required to start a plan. You are able to make payments each month.

All payment plans need to be completed in 4 months and must be completed in order to graduate from the program.

Payment plans are based on the current program fee in your location- additional discounts are not available unless otherwise noted. The team discounts ARE eligible.

All payment plans have a 5% service fee included and this cannot be waived.

Being on a payment plan does not exempt you from paying the full entrance fee for enrollment. Payment Plans are required to be paid in full by the scheduled completion date listed in your contract. The only exception for this clause is if you drop out by the refund deadline and are eligible for a refund.  If you set up a plan with an email other than the one you applied to FI with please let us know so we can make sure the payment properly applies to your account.