The Founder Institute encourages founding teams to apply to the program, and a typical cohort contains roughly 40% teams, and 60% solo-founders. When a team joins the Founder Institute, the 4% pledge to the Equity Collective remains the same (it is 4% per company, not Founder).

Founding teams can decide to send one Co-Founder, multiple Co-Founders, or all Co-Founders to participate in the program, but each Co-Founder must apply separately (noting the name of your company in your application, in the “Company Name” section). Since we are the ‘Founder’ Institute, each Co-Founder’s application will be evaluated independently by our Admissions Team (one Co-Founder gaining acceptance does not mean that their entire team is accepted). However, even if one Co-Founder is rejected, any accepted Co-Founders are still invited to participate.

Teams are also able to enroll in the program for a discounted Program Fee per-founder: Teams of 2-3 are invited to enroll for 1.5x the Program Fee, and Teams of 4-5 for 2x the Course Fee.

Each enrolled Founder will be responsible for completing assignments and participating in working groups, and 1-2 team members will be responsible for pitching during program sessions. Non-participating Co-Founders are not permitted to attend the FI program sessions, but are welcome to participate in program Office Hours and company-building assignments, as well as many perks post-Graduation.